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West Virginia House Of Delegates Approves Bill Enabling Prosecution Of Librarians

In a controversial move, on Feb. 16, the West Virginia House of Delegates voted 85-12 in favor of House Bill 4654, a piece of legislation that could open the door...

Victims Doxxed By Nicki Minaj Stans Consider Taking Legal Action

A group of victims who were doxxed by Nicki Minaj fans are speaking out against the invasion of privacy they were subjected to after publicly criticizing the rapper.

Kroger Celebrates Black History Month, Spotlights Black Brands In Stores

Connecting shoppers with Black-owned brands is one of many crucial ways to participate in Black History Month and to support the Black community and its entrepreneurs year-round.

Families Of Incoming College Kids Are Fed Up With FAFSA Delay

While the new forms were meant to benefit those applying to college by allowing more families to qualify for the maximum allotment of funding, its frequent technical bugs and later release has forced students to pause on proceeding with their school of choice.

Democrats Launch Congressional Hip-Hop Task Force To Combat Racial Inequality

A coalition of Congressional Democrats have launched a hip-hop task force to address racial and economic inequality.