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Baby Delivered From Dying Mother's Womb In War-Torn Gaza "Miracle"

Under a ceaseless storm of strikes in Gaza, a baby girl has survived insurmountable odds as the only member of her family left alive after she was delivered by Caesarian section as her mother lay dying.

"Losing All Credibility": Judge To Trump's Lawyer In Hush Money Trial

The judge overseeing Donald Trump's criminal hush money trial on Tuesday told Trump's lawyer he is "losing all credibility" as he considered whether the former president should be punished for violating a gag order that prevents him from publicly cri

Hamas To Stay In Doha If 'Positive' For Israel Mediation, Says Qatar

Qatar said on Tuesday that Hamas's political leadership would stay in Doha as long as their presence remained beneficial to mediation efforts aimed at ending the war in Gaza.

Irish PM Gives State Apology To Families Of 48 People Killed In 1981 Fire

Ireland's prime minister, Simon Harris, gave a formal state apology on Tuesday to the families of 48 young people who were unlawfully killed in a fire at a Dublin nightclub in 1981.

US Troops Targeted At Base In Western Iraq, Second Attack Since Feb 4

American forces were targeted at a base in western Iraq, a US defense official said Tuesday, the second such attack on the country's troops after a more than two month pause.