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Severe Seizures Are Rising, Especially Among Minorities

New research finds more Americans face prolonged, life-threatening seizures known as status epilepticus, and Black people are nearly twice as likely to experience these seizures as white people.

Have Long COVID? Newest Booster Vaccines May Help You

Recent studies have begun to show that the latest bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccine may help ease long COVID patients' symptoms.

Beyond Babies, RSV Infections Put Older People at Risk, Too

Diagnosis in both the young and old can be challenging because RSV symptoms often overlap those of the flu, COVID-19, the common cold and other illnesses. Clues that point to RSV include wheezing – a high-pitched breathing sound – and using stomach and other muscles to help with breathing.

How Money Buys Happiness: Buy Experiences, Spend on Others, and More Tips

WebMD provides tips to help your spending increase your happiness.

How to Make the Holidays Easier When You’re Divorced

WebMD offers 5 tips to help make the holidays easier after a divorce.