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L.A. County wants to give evicted tenants free lawyers. Landlords say it won't help

L.A. County supervisors say their version of a 'right to counsel' law would shift the power dynamic between landlords and their tenants.

Russia and Ukraine swap 95 prisoners of war each in their latest exchange

Ukraine and Russia have exchanged 95 prisoners of war each, three weeks after their last swap and as part of what have been occasional agreements to send captured troops home

90 giant African land snails found in passenger's bag at Detroit airport

A total of 90 giant African land snails have been seized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s in Detroit from a passenger arriving from Ghana, authorities said.

Cyanide found in the blood of Vietnamese and Americans found dead in a Bangkok hotel

Initial autopsy results showed traces of cyanide in the blood of six people who were found dead in a room at a central Bangkok luxury hotel

Daylight fireball meteor may have rattled parts of NYC and New Jersey: NASA

Officials report that the fireball may have flown at 34,000 miles per hour as it passed over the Statue of Liberty before disintegrating over Midtown Manhattan.